Did you get what you paid for?

By: Casey Harrell 

The reality of the world we live in dictates that successful construction projects have a reasonable budget.   At Structures and Interiors we are often changed with designing and building projects for owners that have never before been faced with the myriad of decisions that accompany a new construction project.  Our specialization in medical, dental and veterinary projects brings us face to face with the doctors who by the nature of their industry have an extreme attention to detail.  The work load of the doctors today may not give them the adequate opportunity to truly dissect the individual pieces of a project proposal.  Structures and Interiors take the guess work out of comparing proposals by using the industry standard 16 division CSI format.  This division break down allows the owner to make a comprehensive “apples to apples” comparison between us and our competition. 

In doing so, it becomes clear and simple to see comparisons between plumbing, mechanical and electrical prices, but what are you really getting?   We take our clarification to the next level with the addition of material qualifications.  These qualifications are included to fully explain the details of the additional items we are providing at a given price point.   For example, after reading a proposal was it clear that you would have solid core doors and your interior walls would be filled with sound batt insulation?  These are minor details on a spread sheet until your business is dealing with the problem of noise transmission between exam and consult rooms.

 Construction companies still in business today are all looking for ways to bring your project in at the magic square foot number that makes your project feasible.  At Structures and Interiors our past construction experience allows us the flexibility to work within your construction budget and provide a project that you will not regret in years to come.  Make sure your contractor of choice is clear that you will not sacrifice quality in your project to put additional money into their pockets.  We will continue to work hard to give you the level of detail others may not so that we can continue to be your trusted construction advisor.

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