Spring Maintenance

By: Grady Herzog

After a brutal bout of cold weather, the warm days are here and now it’s time to begin the spring chores. If you haven’t already begun, now is the time to assess the damage to your trees and bushes caused by the prolonged cold spell. Spring is the time to plant to insure that a good root hold is established before we reach the dog days of summer. It is also the time to clean out the flower beds and trim back old growth on trees and bushes to allow for new growth to begin. New plantings should be buried to the proper depth and mulch added to help retain soil moisture.

Now is also a good time to check on the gutters and downspouts. Any leaves that have accumulated over the fall and winter should be removed. Seams and downspouts should be checked to make sure they are properly sealed so all of the water flows properly. Splash blocks or underground piping should be inspected to insure that the water is properly funneled away from the building. Gutter attachments should be inspected to insure that any snow, ice, or leaves and debris have not weighted down the gutters and pulled them loose. These minor details can help prevent damage from the spring rains.

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