Energy Efficient Programs for Small Businesses

By Dave Hartman

Did you know that Oncor offers programs to small businesses that support them in becoming more energy efficient? These targeted programs are designed to help businesses reduce monthly energy use (and cost) and to reduce energy demand during peak times during the grueling Texas summer heat. The seven programs range from a commercial energy audit, to LED Lighting, to Solar.

Probably the two most interesting programs are the Commercial Energy Audit and Basic Commercial. The energy audit program provides assistance in identifying energy efficient projects, a review of the facilities operations and systems, energy benchmarking, and information about the latest energy efficient technologies. The Basic Commercial “program provides incentives to service providers who implement qualifying energy-saving projects for Oncor metered customers.” Items (for our clients) that qualify: air conditioning systems in new construction ranging from 5 to 11 tons with at least a 11.5 EER; High-efficiency chillers; high-efficiency lighting; window film and Energy Star ® Roofs.

Finally, the more adventurous soul may choose to explore the LED Lighting program. LED technology offers energy savings, operational savings, light quality, durability and contain no mercury or lead. The latest technology even offers the ability to dim light fixtures. Lighting that qualifies for this program are parking garage lighting, parking lots, walkways and periphery lighting and some indoor lighting.

Source: Oncor, Take a Load Off

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