Love Your Building

By Grady Herzog

Whether it is your office building, primary residence or a second home, periodic maintenance is essential to its longevity. Any openings to the exterior are prime candidates for allowing in moisture or animals. Both create problems which typically go unnoticed until catastrophe strikes.

Moisture can get into wall cavities and create dry rot which will create structural issues down the road. It can also wick into insulation and sheetrock causing air quality issues related to mold and mildew, not to mention the odors. Remediation is expansive and time consuming and often will disrupt your life for several weeks.

Animals ranging from birds, to rats and squirrels also wreak havoc on your building. Birds will nest in the attic creating a haven for insects as well as leaving there messes both inside and outside on their roosting perches. Squirrels and rats will not only create the same type of issues but they are also more destructive.  They will nest in any type of boxes, clothing etc. that may be stored. They can get down in the wall cavities and chew on wiring or plastic piping causing leaks or possibly even a fire.

Preventative maintenance is a good way to protect your investment. Periodically walk around the outside of your building and create a list of items needing attention. Are the fascia joints all caulked and painted to prevent moisture from entering? Are the soffits all solid and the joints nailed up tight? Are all of the soffit vents intact and the screening in place to keep out bugs? Are the gutters in good shape and clean so they don’t back up and overflow soaking the fascia and soffit? Are tree limbs trimmed back so that they are far enough from the roof to keep squirrels and rats from using them as travel routes to get to and from your building? Is the chimney cap in place to keep birds from nesting during the off season? Is the chimney itself in good shape and properly flashed to keep water out?

These are just a few of the items you will want to review to help keep your building healthy and happy!

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