By Brian Hale Last time we talked about electrical systems inside your practice.  Let us now delve into another major factor in the comfort of your staff and patients: the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) in your office.  A HVAC system installed correctly the first time in your space will result in much needed relief for years to come from the extreme hot and cold temperatures that North Texas has to offer.  Only a state-licensed professional can specify and install a system that is adequate for your office’s needs. Most small to mid-sized medical offices in the North…Continue Reading

Electrical Systems

By Brian Hale One very important factor to consider when determining the location of your new practice or the expansion of your existing practice is your electrical requirements.  Medical Offices typically consume more electricity on a day-to-day basis than a general office due to the multitude of equipment that is in operation at any given time. Typical code requirements require a commercial electrical panel to be installed at 80% load capacity.   “Load Capacity” refers to the maximum amount of amperage designed to be pulled through the system at any given time. Installing at 80% or less load capacity allows for…Continue Reading

Leasing Obstacles

By: Stephen Lease and Brian Hale The design and construction of your practice will undoubtedly be met with obstacles. Whether your facility is a tenant finish out or a new building, making the right initial decisions can help keep small issues from becoming large headaches. The severity of these hurdles can be mitigated by taking the right steps in the right order. Leasable area, Site selection and lease negotiations are often completed before a contractor has been brought in to your team of professionals. One common obstacle we see when our interior design staff is brought on board to help create or complete the project plans is that the leasable square footage is based on incorrect assumptions. Leasable…Continue Reading

Estimating the Dream

By: Brian Hale Clients often come to us with their dream of a new office that they have envisioned.  We take pride in making this dream office come true.  Oftentimes, there is a great lack of information that we as estimators need to have to provide accurate pricing for this office.  Because of this, we have to “take-a-stab” at specifying the desired plan of the space presented to us.  Let’s start with the basics: A simple floor plan. The floor plan is the base plan for any office.  It includes walls, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, doors, equipment, and labeled rooms.  A…Continue Reading

Estimating Foundations

By: Brian Hale 6/27/2011 When estimating for a remodel or finish out in an already standing building, there are many factors to consider regarding existing conditions.  One of these factors is the foundation of the building structure.   Not all foundations are created equal.  The many different soil types and rock formations in the DFW Metroplex require different types of foundation systems.  In most cases a new floor plan requires new plumbing fixture locations or electrical chases.  In this situation a concrete slab will have to be saw-cut, demolished, or cored and eventually poured back or patched.  Whenever possible it is…Continue Reading