Love Your Building

By Grady Herzog Whether it is your office building, primary residence or a second home, periodic maintenance is essential to its longevity. Any openings to the exterior are prime candidates for allowing in moisture or animals. Both create problems which typically go unnoticed until catastrophe strikes. Moisture can get into wall cavities and create dry rot which will create structural issues down the road. It can also wick into insulation and sheetrock causing air quality issues related to mold and mildew, not to mention the odors. Remediation is expansive and time consuming and often will disrupt your life for several…Continue Reading

Mitigating Water Damage

By Casey Herrell The end of the winter months brings spring flowers into bloom and with it new responsibilities for all building owners.  This is the perfect time of year to perform routine maintenance around our homes and commercial properties.    The main enemy to the longevity of all building structures is water.   Every building no matter how well engineered is just floating on this mud ball we call earth.  Damage from water can be devastating to any business and cause loss of income for you and your employee’s families.  If you know what to look for most of these sever…Continue Reading

Preventing Frozen Water Lines

By: Grady Herzog It seems like yesterday when we sent out our newsletter for December 2010. As we look back on the early months of 2011 it is very apparent that the coldest weather of the year will soon be upon us. With the lower temperatures once again comes the need to review the precautions necessary to help prevent frozen water lines. Below are several items which can easily be overlooked and the damage and resulting repairs can be very expensive. Fire sprinkler systems can cause serious damage if not properly maintained. Auxiliary heat sources should be checked so they…Continue Reading