Chris Donahue, Assistant Project Manager

Donahue arrived at the company as an intern from Texas A&M University, where he is involved in the Construction Science program. He will graduate in May of 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Chris is originally from Philadelphia. He moved to Midlothian in his early years of grade school where he was raised most of his life. After high school he attended Tarrant County College before moving onto Blinn College. From there he was accepted into the Construction Science program at Texas A&M University. He chose construction because he enjoys the process it takes to construct buildings. This type of job allows him to be interactive in many different ways, from the attention to details to customer satisfaction. His goal is to become a Project Manager. Chris is outgoing, a hard worker and brings a great deal of enthusiasm to the table. His fresh ideas and youthful perspective liven the workplace. His number one goal with everything he does is customer satisfaction. He understands that in this business the customer is the most important person in the process.

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