Metro Paws Animal Hospital – Oak Cliff

This project was completed in Fall of 2012.  Metro Paws Animal Hospital is a 4600 square foot Veterinary Animal Practice in Southern Dallas. The project was eligible for city of Dallas Tax Infrastructure Finance funding based on proportionate minority contractor participation.  The Architecture of Gerald Ward brought together not only a very unique modern exterior but also an interior space plan with great patient flow with warm and inviting natural light throughout.

Energy Efficient Programs for Small Businesses

By Dave Hartman Did you know that Oncor offers programs to small businesses that support them in becoming more energy efficient? These targeted programs are designed to help businesses reduce monthly energy use (and cost) and to reduce energy demand during peak times during the grueling Texas summer heat. The seven programs range from a commercial energy audit, to LED Lighting, to Solar. Probably the two most interesting programs are the Commercial Energy Audit and Basic Commercial. The energy audit program provides assistance in identifying energy efficient projects, a review of the facilities operations and systems, energy benchmarking, and information…Continue Reading

Value Engineering

By Mike Lease When I begin talking with a client who is interested in building a new practice from the ground up or a tenant improvement I try to get them to begin thinking about their budget conception. What is it they want to build and how much (in a perfect world) they want to spend to achieve their goal. Now often times they fall short on meeting their goal by desiring too much building and not enough money but it is important to identify this issue as soon as possible. Too many times we enter into the mix after…Continue Reading

Love Your Building

By Grady Herzog Whether it is your office building, primary residence or a second home, periodic maintenance is essential to its longevity. Any openings to the exterior are prime candidates for allowing in moisture or animals. Both create problems which typically go unnoticed until catastrophe strikes. Moisture can get into wall cavities and create dry rot which will create structural issues down the road. It can also wick into insulation and sheetrock causing air quality issues related to mold and mildew, not to mention the odors. Remediation is expansive and time consuming and often will disrupt your life for several…Continue Reading


By Brian Hale Last time we talked about electrical systems inside your practice.  Let us now delve into another major factor in the comfort of your staff and patients: the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) in your office.  A HVAC system installed correctly the first time in your space will result in much needed relief for years to come from the extreme hot and cold temperatures that North Texas has to offer.  Only a state-licensed professional can specify and install a system that is adequate for your office’s needs. Most small to mid-sized medical offices in the North…Continue Reading

Spring into Action: 2012

By Grady Herzog With the doldrums of winter behind us, spring like weather has been blessed us and brought on renewed energy. As plants sprout new growth, change is prevalent in all of our surroundings. The desire to clean out the old and freshen up the dingy happens more than any other time of year. Along with this renewed energy, many people consider new projects for their business. It may be a remodel of the existing building, suite or a new ground up that is on the agenda. Whatever the plan, please be aware of the new changes that have…Continue Reading

Spotlight: Dragon Storage

By: Mike Lease Our project spotlight this quarter is on a very different type of construction project for Structures and Interiors. This one has no connection to healthcare, dentistry, veterinary or even eye care. This unique project is a 40,000 square foot air condition self storage facility in Southlake aptly named Dragon Storage. This two story Carroll Dragon green facility sits literally yards from the actual Dragon Stadium which is home to theTexasState5A High School Football Champions of 2011. The project is constructed with a pre engineered structural steel building package,Austinwhite and Nicotine cave stone veneer and pre finished Dragon…Continue Reading

Mitigating Water Damage

By Casey Herrell The end of the winter months brings spring flowers into bloom and with it new responsibilities for all building owners.  This is the perfect time of year to perform routine maintenance around our homes and commercial properties.    The main enemy to the longevity of all building structures is water.   Every building no matter how well engineered is just floating on this mud ball we call earth.  Damage from water can be devastating to any business and cause loss of income for you and your employee’s families.  If you know what to look for most of these sever…Continue Reading

Sustainable Transportation: Bicycles

By Dave Hartman More and more, cities are encouraging or even requiring new construction to be sustainable. There are many facets to sustainable design, and one is fostering an environment that is friendly to bicycles. Bicycles not only promote health and fitness, they also help to reduce the use of petroleum-based fuels as well as the CO2 produced. According to, here are a few reasons to promote and support bicycling: Most bicycles contain less than 30 pounds of metal and plastic Bicycling promotes physical and mental health as well as leaving a cleaner and quieter environment Bicycling is consistent…Continue Reading

Electrical Systems

By Brian Hale One very important factor to consider when determining the location of your new practice or the expansion of your existing practice is your electrical requirements.  Medical Offices typically consume more electricity on a day-to-day basis than a general office due to the multitude of equipment that is in operation at any given time. Typical code requirements require a commercial electrical panel to be installed at 80% load capacity.   “Load Capacity” refers to the maximum amount of amperage designed to be pulled through the system at any given time. Installing at 80% or less load capacity allows for…Continue Reading