Construction Permitting

By: Mike Lease 2011 is off and running.  The signs are strong that we are now slowly pulling out of this great recession. Interest rates for the moment remain low, and unemployment for Texas at least shows strong signs of rebounding. The U.S. gained 192,000 total nonfarm jobs in February 2011. Texas total nonfarm employment increased by 22,700 jobs for the same period or 12% of the nation’s new jobs. But challenges still remain. National state and local revenue deficits remain the toughest issue facing law makers. These deficits mean cuts in employees as well as services in most cases.…Continue Reading

Building and Interest Rates

By: Mike Lease The big question is not if but when. Interest rates are at historic all time lows and the one thing the economic experts agree upon is they are going to rise again. Most speculate that once rates begin to increase they will do so at a furious pace. The difference between a $500,000.00 loan at 5.25% today and one at an 8% rate over a 20 year term is over $200,000.00. That translates into $833.00 per month more in loan payment. You’ve heard people say that “there is never been a better time to be in debt.”…Continue Reading

Did you get what you paid for?

By: Casey Harrell  The reality of the world we live in dictates that successful construction projects have a reasonable budget.   At Structures and Interiors we are often changed with designing and building projects for owners that have never before been faced with the myriad of decisions that accompany a new construction project.  Our specialization in medical, dental and veterinary projects brings us face to face with the doctors who by the nature of their industry have an extreme attention to detail.  The work load of the doctors today may not give them the adequate opportunity to truly dissect the individual…Continue Reading